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The TTLM Podcast

Aug 16, 2017

This episode is a Panda Claw Records themed show! The homie Ryan, label head of Panda Claw, joins me on the show to talk about his label, bands, albums and a bunch of other stuff. He hand picked this week's playlist. Music on this show is as follows:

1. Ultima Victima - Defender Y Creer (La Batalla Sera Eterna) [8:42]

2. These Streets - Of Medua (Out of Time) [15:58]

3. Drag Me Under - Funeral Grab (Moon Ripper) [35:57]

4. Sacred Fire - For the Cross (Sacred Fire Promo) [42:33]

5. Ultima Victima - Muertes Sin Razon (Muertes Sin Razon) [51:24]


Be sure to check out Panda Claw Records





* Opening and closing songs by No History of Violence