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The TTLM Podcast

Feb 21, 2018

On this episode are MistermeaneR (Area 51, off of, Six Songs till Silence), Human Animal (Time Tells All, off of, The First Four Winters), Dance for Destruction (Circle the Fallen, off of, When Color Was Real), Unfair Fight (Embracing Terror, off of, False Walls), and Removalist (Only Heathens Can Save Us, off...

Feb 15, 2018

From the Vault: Episode #04 of the Taking the Lead Media Podcast. Original release date: 08/04/2010

On this episode:

1. (Order of the) White Rose - Armchair General (War Machine)

2. Unit F - I See Grey (American Shutdown)

3. Sanity in Numbers - Leggo my Ego (When Pigs Fly)

4. 5 Days Dirty - Full Speed (Sound of...

Feb 7, 2018

On this episode are tunes by After the Fall (Reflection, off of, Dedication), No Contest (Tabloids & Television, off of, Survival of the Fastest), These Streets (Membership Declined, off of, Out of Time EP), Anti-Matter (Drop the Bomb, off of, From Here to Anarchy), and Antreib (Militarist, off of, The Exodus). 


Feb 1, 2018

On this episode are Siblings (Student Groans, off of, The Book of Siblings), Mineva (Dereliction, off of, split w/Brunettes), Vices (Wasteland, off of, New Breed), Ultima Victima (Sublime, off of, Sublime), and Clear Focus (Trapped in a Cycle, off of, Never Ending Pain).