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The TTLM Podcast

May 15, 2020

On this episode I have a guest! Fernando of No Villains Left joins me on the show. He plays trombone and sings in the band. It was a really fun chat. We get into all things ska music, a little bit of history in the Hawaii music scene and his first instrument...the clarinet! It's all good. Be sure to check out the bands' debut album, Bright Lights, on Apple Music and Spotify. 

No Villains Left

Website - HERE

YouTube - HERE

1. Bright Lights - No Villains Left (Bright Lights) [0:16]
2. Pizza is for Winners - No Villains Left (Bright Lights) [7:15]
3. Have a Nice Bad Day - Exit 24 (KTUH Live) [15:17]
4. Ding, Ding - No Villains Left (Single) [20:43]
5. Bay City Blues - Exit 24 (Ready...Break!) [25:03]
6. Anything - No Villains Left (Bright Lights) [39:49]
7. Modern World - No Villains Left (Bright Lights) [50:55]
8. 4321 - No Villains Left (Bright Lights) [57:10]





YouTube: Taking the Lead Media

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