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The TTLM Podcast

Oct 13, 2017

This episode is an Unfair Fight themed show! Members Pete and Scott join me on the show and we talk record stores, album formats, tours, and the local Las Vegas music scene. We also touch base on their new record, which at the time of this recording, no album title or release date was made yet. But the band just announced a release date and title, do check them out on Facebook (HERE) for more details on that. 

Songs on the episode are as follows:

1. This is My Release - A Constant Struggle [0:16]

2. I'm My Worst Enemy - Destruction of Words [11:25]

3. Embracing Terror - False Walls [17:07]

4. Set Me Free - Unfair Fight EP [22:17]

5. Motivational Ramblings - Unfair Fight EP [28:37]

6. I'd Rather be Skating - We are the Dead [44:06]

7. Inferior Future - False Walls [48:16]