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The TTLM Podcast

Nov 24, 2020

This is a Hawaiian Express Records themed show! And I have label head, Jason Miller, as a guest on the show. He also runs 808 Shows and co-runs The Sailor Jerry Festival with Josh86 (Black Square, 86 List, and The Pressure). The label turned 25 this year and I compiled a list of 25 questions for him. On this episode is a partial cut of our conversation mixed in with music he has helped release in the past 25 years. Check out the full conversation on this podcasts' website HERE

Hawaiian Express Records

808 Shows

Sailor Jerry Festival

Songs on this episode:

1. National Product - Release (Rock of Album of the Year 2001-2002) [0:16]

2. The Quintessentials - I don't wanna be a Brady (25 songs from 25 years) [7:23]

3. The Pettyfords - Dreamboat (Hawaiian Style Punk and Ska Compilation #1) [16:13]

4. Mr. Orange Undercover - She Knows Karate (Punkwatch Hawaii) [22:19]

5. The Power Pellets - Heartbeat (Raymonds/Power Pellets split - She's not the Reason) [27:40]

6. Unit 101 - Adulthood (ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ) [34:22]

7. The Knumbskulls - In My Eyes (Songs of Yesterday) [38:29]

8. Sideline Hero - Exposed (Life Force Engaged) [42:33]

9. The Raymonds - Rock n' Roll (Out Come the Wombats) [47:54]

10. Grapefruit - Hawaii (Dorkabilly Stew) [57:03]





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