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The TTLM Podcast

Jul 21, 2017

On this episode is a GC Records themed show featuring guest, label head, Shahab Zargari. GC Records is a label currently based in Las Vegas, NV ( We talk about his label, some history on it, bands he's worked with and various records he has released. And other stuff too. Music on this episode by:

1. The Dirty Little Betty's - Lounge Singer (Backyard Carnival) [19:03]

2. Intro5pect - Education (Intro5pect 7") [28:14]

3. No Erasers Allowed - Hitler in the Toy Store (You Call this Music? Vol.1) [45:23]

4. Enemy You - Video to Radio (Video to Radio EP) [52:53]

5. East Arcadia - Looking Back/Looking Forward We Only See From Where We Stand [58:44]