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The TTLM Podcast

Aug 4, 2023

I went to Las Vegas recently and got to check out the Punk Rock Museum which opened recently. Damian from Fucked Up and the Turned Out a Punk Podcast guided our tour. I talk a little bit about that. All bands on this episode are local and formerly local bands of Hawaii, a couple inactive, but all dope. Happy Aloha Friday! 

  1. Generic - Redline (Victim of Society) [0:16]
  2. The Quintessentials - Hallelujah, Sweet Jesus (The Satanic Rites of the Quintessentials) [10:20]
  3. El Enemigo - Bottle Fatigue (Live on KTUH) [12:31]
  4. Anti-Matter - In Your Face (New Plague EP) [14:42]
  5. The Minorities - Comatose (single) [21:15]





YouTube: Taking the Lead Media