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The TTLM Podcast

May 8, 2020

I've been putting off this episode for the longest time. Happy to finally release it! It is a No Pants Records themed show! Ran by head honcho Matt Danger, the main squeeze of Ninjas with Syringes, the label features an eclectic list of bands from all over. Matt was also kind enough to do a Q & A for me, and he went above and beyond! Please check it out HERE (Episode #151).

Visit No Pants Records

Official Website - HERE

YouTube - HERE

1. Old Cross - Miss (Old Cross) [0:16]
2. Heather Ashley - Eyes Shaded Grey (Hear My Heart) [4:26]
The Ghost Town Rebellion - Moments (Silver & Gold) [8:32]
4. Second Player Score - Hooked (Nobody's Hero) [11:52]
​5. RepresA - United Slaves (United Slaves) [18:17]





YouTube: Taking the Lead Media

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