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The TTLM Podcast

Mar 31, 2020

Back on the podcast is guest and friend of the show, Tom, of 18th & Addison. A lot has happened since Tom was on the podcast, almost 2 years ago. And a lot has happened since I last spoke with Tom, just a few weeks ago for this episode (!!!). But we catch up for a bit, talk about the bands new EP, Old Blues / Modern Love, their signing with Wiretap Records, and the new blink-182 album - all the important stuff. Peppered throughout the episode are the following tracks:

1. Leeches - Old Blues / Modern Love [0:16]
2. Moving Mountains - Makeshift Monster [7:34]
3. Drag - Old Blues / Modern Love [12:58]
4. Minutes Like Fireflies - Old Blues / Modern Love [25:09]
5. Knives - Makeshift Monster [29:57]
6. Like Porcelain - Little Parasites [39:45]
7. When I'm Alone - Old Blues / Modern Love [45:39]
8. Timebomb - Vultures EP [51:48]

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Wiretap Records:





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