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The TTLM Podcast

Oct 16, 2019

It's a Snubbed Records themed show! Most of the band's on this episode will be playing Snubbed Fest this weekend. Check it out. Playlist below:

1. The Alements - Kill them with Fire (Best Foot Forward) [0:16]

2. The Handsome Scoundrels - Off the Map (Ooh La La) [5:39]

3. The Subtastics - 8-Bitter (BetaMales) [9:05]

4. Ninety Six Ghosts - Across the Divide (Know the Pattern) [11:00]

5. The Xiles - Another Headache (Split w/The Subtastics) [15:25]

6. Sickboyz - California Rocket Fuel (Slightly Damaged) [17:57]

7. Dead End Lane - Dead End Lane (Still Alive) [23:58]





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