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The TTLM Podcast

Jun 27, 2019

On this episode I have guest, John Sava. His projects include, Enemy of the Sun, Amish Electric Chair, and Red Season. Links to these projects: 

Enemy of the Sun

Amish Electric Chair

Red Season


1.Enemy of the Sun - Subterranean (Darker Days EP) [0:16]

2.Red Season - Ancient Travelers [4:37]

3.Enemy of the Sun - It's All or Nothing (Darker Days EP) [10:54]

4.Enemy of the Sun - Darker Days (Darker Days EP) [18:56]

5.Amish Electric Chair - Social Revolution (Straight. No Chaser.) [25:17]

6.Amish Electric Chair - Not in my Backyard (Straight. No Chaser.) [30:08]

7.Amish Electric Chair - State of the Union (Straight. No Chaser.) [37:16]

8.Red Season - Stargazers [41:47]

9.Red Season - The Ancient Cosmic Alignment - [46:15]

10.Enemy of the Sun - Resurgence (Darker Days EP) [52:20]





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