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The TTLM Podcast

Jun 30, 2018

Another GC Records themed show! Label head, Shahab, joins me on the show again, to talk about all things GC, film, and the upcoming 20th anniversary event for GC Records, happening exactly one year from today, June 29, 2019. We play some awesome music too. 

Music on this episode includes:

1. Gasoline Kills - For a Friend (Give Up Chorus) [5:07]

2. ESL?! - Alien Abduction (M.I.O.K?) [19:41]

3. The GC Family - The Day the Nazi Died (Chumbawamba cover) (Musicians Against Fascism - Volume 1) [32:14]

4. Jesse Pino & the Vital Signs - Hearts Collide (Signal Received EP) [51:09]

5. Illicitor - Little Birdy (Illicitor) [58:01]





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