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The TTLM Podcast

Dec 13, 2017

On this episode are tunes by The Alements (This Beast Has No Heart, off of, Worst Foot Foward), The Bloodtypes (Surveillance State, off of, Pull the Plug), Great Deceivers (Case in Point, off of, Ask Me About Your Strong Suits), Hospital Job (Never Sleep Again, off of, Never Get Cold), Senses Fail (Jets to Peru, off of, In Your Absence), Smitz (Channeling, off of, Skullduggerous), Space Camp (Rock the Dwayne Johnson, off of, Force Femmed), The Sun Days (Don't Need to be Them, off of, Album), Toim (Power Silence, off of, And into the Eyes of the Jackass), Vow (In Another, off of, Kind Eyes).





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