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The TTLM Podcast

Nov 30, 2017

This is a Snubbed Records themed show! Joining me on the show is label head and member of The Alements, Ron. Both are based in Annapolis, Maryland. Ron and I talk on his label, his band, upcoming releases, bands he's currently working with, digital downloads, and a little bit on Warped Tour. It was a nice talk with Ron. Thanks again for being on the show.

Music on this episode:

1. Canker Blossom - Catch Me When I'm Gone (In Space) [5:46]

2. The Hi Fi Ninja - Puncture Wound (Call it a Day) [20:31]

3. The Alements - Motherfracker (Tactical Basselope) [26:41]

4. Idleminds - Brick by Brick [34:37]

5. The Alements - Rite to Hate [42:07]

6. Canker Blossom - High School Cheerleader (In Space) [57:04]





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