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The TTLM Podcast

Oct 25, 2017

This episode is a Vultures United themed show (with one track from Grave for the Fireflies). Jordan of Vultures United is a guest on the show and we talk a lot about the new album, I Still Feel Cold (out now through the band and Red Flag Records), member lineups, the Girls EP, style changes, sound progression and a whole lot more. It was an insightful talk and I learned a lot about that band. Check out Vultures United on Facebook (HERE).

Songs on this episode are as follows:

1. Pigs are Creeping - I Still Feel Cold (Memory Loss) [60:05]

2. Army of Me - Girls EP (Originally performed by Bjork) [64:59]

3. Jordan Needs a Life Raft because his Ship is Sinking (Dirt Hearts) [69:28]

4. Comforts for Sailors - Bitten (As performed by Grave for the Fireflies) [81:41]

5. Carcinogens - I Still Feel Cold (Memory Loss) [89:58]