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The TTLM Podcast

Feb 5, 2024

From the Vault: Episode #14 of the Taking the Lead Media Podcast. Original release date: 02/2010 (It could have been 02/05/2011).

I was about 6 months into doing this podcast and having all sorts of fun. Myspace was still a place I did all my correspondence through. I got in touch with every single one of these bands through Myspace with the excepetion of Unit 101, I think I got Jason Miller's blessing to play this track, who would eventually be a guest (yay!) on my podcast 10 years later :D. I got in touch with Chris while he was doing Lands on Fire and got a copy of the Mr. Orange Undercover track from him. I heard Anchors on Myspace, they're from Australia and just fell in love right away. That album, Bad Juju, would later be re-released through Creator-Destructor Records here in the states. She Likes Todd was a band from Chicago that played really great punk-pop, members went on to form Set Fire to Reason. Tear the Place Apart! was a band from Spokane, Wa, and I think they may have been playing with a band from Portland, I saw them on the same bill and decided to look them up. Enjoy the episode!

On this episode: 

  1. Anchors - Ill Glory (Bad Juju) [0:54]
  2. Unit 101Cartoon (abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz) [3:25]
  3. Tear the Place Apart! - Messages in Bottles (Live Together or Die Alone) [6:01]
  4. She Likes ToddToo Poor to Pay Attention (A Story Still Untold) [7:16]
  5. Mr. Orange Undercover - Is This What You Came For? (single) [11:55]





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