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The TTLM Podcast

Sep 23, 2018

On this episode are guests, Chad and Chelsey, of Perennial, the 3-piece avant-garde rock band, based in Connecticut. We get into top 5 favorite albums, our personal "island" albums, LP2, shows and movies. I ask the tough questions in this interview! And it was a blast! Check out Perennial on BANDCAMP and HOWLING...

Aug 21, 2018

On this episode are tunes by Stolas (Thief & the Hourglass, off of, Losing Wings), Beau Navire (Thumbreaker, off of, Life Moves), Conveyer (New Low, off of, No Future), Life Sentence (Under Siege, off of, Marked for Death), and Yotsuya Kaidan (Flight over a transparent city, off of, Tiny Comet). 



Aug 5, 2018

From the Vault: Episode #11 of the Taking the Lead Media Podcast. Original release date: 11/18/2010. 

On this episode:

1. Ninjaspy - Circle Pity (Pi Nature)

2. Eken is Dead - Condition (amendment)

3. Prize Country - Slick Your Hair Back (split w/Traindoge)

4. Abandon the Raft - Pendulum (Concept Paradox)

5. Pacifica -...

Jul 29, 2018

On this episode, Emily Whitehurst of Survival Guide, joins me on the show. You may know her from past projects such as Tsunami Bomb and The Action Design. This conversation was recorded back in May and I'm glad to finally release it. We touch base on her latest album, Live and Alone, future work and projects, tour...

Jul 14, 2018

On this episode are tunes by Mara (Infectious Hate, off of, No Free World), Journal (Unlorja, off of, Unlorja), Helm (Dust, off of, Void of Light), Outer Heaven (That Which Was Taken, off of, Diabolus Vobiscum), and Skinharvest (SICK).