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The TTLM Podcast

Dec 2, 2023

On August 05, 2023, SØØN played its final show at Aupuni Space. Other bands that played were Feeble, Aswang, and Ten Things (I Hate About You). The last time I got to see SØØN was at Feeble's album release show for Growing out of Touch, back in December 2019, which was also that last time I saw Feeble. It was a really fun show, I had a great time and glad I got to check it out. The annoucement for the final show happened just a few weeks before the event, bummer, but it was a dope set. Cheers to SØØN.


  1. SØØN - Over (SØØN) [0:16]
  2. Aswang - Clifford (Say Grace) [4:52]
  3. Ten Things (I Hate About You) - Costco (Self-titled) [8:52]
  4. Feeble - Shamowowza (Growing out of Touch) [11:26]
  5. SØØN - Die (What the fuck did we do to the earth) [17:53]






YouTube: Taking the Lead Media