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The TTLM Podcast

Apr 17, 2020

GC Records celebrated 20 years last year with a 1 day event. Back in February they released their 20th anniversary LP featuring live tracks from the show. Also on the show, I play tracks from all the new releases from last year. Playlist for today's episode:

1. The Rifleman - This is Anarchy (Don't Laugh, This is Serious) [0:16]
2. Lipstick Pickups - Black Cherry Soda Pop (Collection) [06:45]
3. East Arcadia - All the Same (All the Same) [09:34]
4. Enemy of the Sun - Unbreakable in All We Are (Darker Days EP) [12:11]
5. About Me - Rush & Attack (GC Records 20 Year Anniversary LP) [19:42]





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