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The TTLM Podcast

Jul 14, 2019

I play tracks from some of my favorite records of 2018. 


1. The Gutz - Bro Culture (Femina Vipera) [0:16]

2. October Bird of Death - Vices (Assemble) [6:00]

3. The Hi Fi Ninja - Tattered and Torn (Tattered and Torn) [8:56]

4. exhalants - Latex (exhalants) [13:42]

5. Space Camp - Righteous Dollar Bills...

Jun 27, 2019

On this episode I have guest, John Sava. His projects include, Enemy of the Sun, Amish Electric Chair, and Red Season. Links to these projects: 

Enemy of the Sun

Amish Electric Chair

Red Season


1.Enemy of the Sun - Subterranean (Darker Days EP) [0:16]

2.Red Season - Ancient Travelers [4:37]

3.Enemy of the Sun -...

Apr 29, 2019

On this episode I talk about the upcoming GC Records 20 year anniversary show. Details about the show are HERE

I also play tracks by bands performing at the show. Tracklist below:

1. Gasoline Kills - Memo1 (Give Up Chorus): 3:04

(Making the CD)

2. The Dirty Little Bettys - Lounge Singer (Backyard Carnival): 18:19


Sep 23, 2018

On this episode are guests, Chad and Chelsey, of Perennial, the 3-piece avant-garde rock band, based in Connecticut. We get into top 5 favorite albums, our personal "island" albums, LP2, shows and movies. I ask the tough questions in this interview! And it was a blast! Check out Perennial on BANDCAMP and HOWLING...

Aug 21, 2018

On this episode are tunes by Stolas (Thief & the Hourglass, off of, Losing Wings), Beau Navire (Thumbreaker, off of, Life Moves), Conveyer (New Low, off of, No Future), Life Sentence (Under Siege, off of, Marked for Death), and Yotsuya Kaidan (Flight over a transparent city, off of, Tiny Comet).